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External Articles:

Dr GUI is Duwamished!

ASP Guidelines by JD Meier

The success of your Active Server Pages (ASP) applications often hinges on both architecture and design choices. These choices can be difficult, given ASP technology's broad spectrum and the inherent complexity of today's applications. In this article, I'll provide you with specific guidelines to help you succeed with ASP-based applications.

VBA and DNA by Ari Bixhorn

This article provides a high-level overview of Microsoft’s framework for distributed systems and outlines the architecture and benefits of using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to tailor these applications.

Windows DNA Primer

Windows DNA is Microsoft's platform for building and deploying Web-based applications -- ranging from your e-commerce site to your intranet app. Windows DNA is a platform, in the sense that it identifies and provides all the products, tools, services, and the programming model that developers need to build a Web application.

Web Queries Using VB, Excel, XML, and ASP - Part I

In this first of a two-part series, Dan Wahlin shows us how to capture web information using Visual Basic and Excel and then XML/XSL in combination with ASP to display the captured information in a desirable manner.

Executing SQL queries on a remote SQL server using the browser

If you have limited access to your server, you might well need to carry out SQL tasks over the web. Haranath introduces a simple web tool he constructed for the purpose: accepting a SQL query string into a web form which is executed using ADO.

Web Queries Using VB, Excel, XML, and ASP - Part II

In the second and concluding part of his article, Dan Wahlin focuses on retrieving data from a website and transferring it from Excel and into an XML file that can used to display it on your own web page

Using XML to Dynamically Create IIS Application Objects

Jason Bock uses an XML file alongside a COM interface to dynamically add pages to his web site without having to recompile the gateway component.

Extending ASP with Pure Java

ASP programmers are not usually very familiar with Java, but for internet programming it really can add that professional touch. Samir Fernandes shows you how to register Java classes to create components which you can use with ASP

There are numerous resources related to ASP. Here are some of the main websites at which other articles can be found:

ASP Today
This site is run by Wrox Press and boasts a new short article about ASP every day - which makes for a lot of articles!

ASP 101
This is a site devoted to ASP, and which contains articles, news, samples, and other resources, mostly submitted by developers. At present it contains between 20 and 25 articles covering different aspects of ASP.

General developer's site, covering all topics. The ASP section contains several useful articles, with an emphasis on interacting with databases.

Microsoft's MSDN Site
Doesn't really need much explanation. There's a fair amount of stuff about ASP here, though as usual with Microsoft you need to search around a bit.

15 seconds
A very good site with articles and its own listservers. It's not solely devoted to ASP but covers several other related technologies such as IIS and ADSI, but does have a fair ASP coverage.

4 guys from Rolla
Yet another site devoted to articles that may be useful to developers. The emphasis in this site is on a mixture of ASP and SQL.

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