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Have you seen this COM object?

Richard Anderson's Home Page

Full name: Richard James Anderson
Born: 1972
Married: Yes
Friendly: Very
Email: [email protected]
Friends on the net: Richard Grimes, Simon Robinson, The iDevResource Gang, loads of people on the ATL/DCOM lists, loads of people at Wrox Press, numerous people at Develop Mentor and MS, my dog Maxine, my chinchillas (Oliver and Surprise)…
(ok, my dog and chinchillas aren't really on the net, but I'm sure if they could operate a PC or dreamcast they would be)

Hello and welcome to my little home page on iDevResource. I got inspired one night to write some stuff about myself (several months after it was requested, sorry Igang), so here it is. I'll try and expand it and keep it up to date, honest.


A very boring subject I was never very good at. I've been involved with computers in some way shape or form for about 20 years, and worked with Microsoft stuff for about 10 years. At the moment I'm just starting a new book, and doing some work for this site. That's enough history for one day.

What do I hate?

  • The fact my wifes Sega Dreamcast has never managed to connect to the net.
  • The fact that when you buy a nice fast new PC, you pay a fortune for it, and then 18 months later it's slow and worth the same as a box of cornflakes.
  • Washing up and cleaning the house. I don't do either if I can help it.

What do I love?

  • Curry and Blue Berry Muffins: If you ever meet me these obsessions are pretty obvious. Luckily, I'm 6ft tall and quite a big build, so I look a lot lighter than I really am, honest. I went to a zoo in the USA recently, where some scales said I'm the same weight as a small zebra. That's means I'm suitable as the main diet for Lions…reassuring to know!
  • My Wife: Sad I know, but I really do think a lot of her indoors.
  • Computers: Just cant help myself.

Recommended Web Site To Go and Checkout NOW

You're already on iDevResource.COM so, I guess a close second is:

This site is written by some mad friends of mine. It's very funny, has nothing to do with computers and contains a few great tips on hangovers. Go there now!

Books I've co-authored to date

I spent some of my spare time writing for various books. The list is gradually growing:

Beginning ASP Components

Beginning ASP Components:
All you really want to know about component development geared towards ASP
Go To Wrox Press, or buy the book from, or

Professional Active Server Pages 3.0

Beginning ASP Components:
Professional ASP 3.0 (Oct 1999) - A very large and very detailed book on ASP, COM(+), ADSI, ADO etc
Go To Wrox Press, or buy the book from, or

Articles I've written to date

  • Class Factories - A detailed looked at class factories and how ATL implements them.
  • IE5 XML - Using MSXML in C/C++ using the love it/hate it #import directive
  • VB Intro - A questionable article about how VB programmers are really COM programmers. Are they?

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