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Welcome to the home of Shivesh Viswanathan

Born: 1977

Married: No!

Email: [email protected]

Unlike many others in this place, I do not have many articles or books to my name (yet!) but intend to write many more articles and few books in the years to come. I work in the Windows environment and COM/ATL, so far, have happened solely out of my interest in them. I am a big fan of ATL and that was the reason I was prompted to write about it's internals. It is one of the best designed framework I have seen in my short life span. Talking of my work, it's mostly in C++, a little in Java, handheld devices (those tiny OS's like PPSM from Motorola and Windows CE from you know who). I have very recently delved into mobile computing, but cannot boast much about it :(.


I have done my graduation in computer science and would have probably become a street singer if not for computers. I took a diploma from Center for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC - India) and jumped into the computers bandwagon in early 1998. Oh I was a naughty little back-bencher pestering all my teachers from day one.


My interests (apart from COM) include music (Led Zeppelin, The Who, Janis Joplin and many more :), reading (technical, fiction, sci-fi). No one could give music as consistently as Led Zep and no one could write as consistently as Asimov. But my favourite book has been the all-time classic, "To kill a mocking bird" by Harper Lee.

Future plans:

As promised, I will, very soon, be submitting another article on ATL. It is a continuation to my previous article. It covers the internals and architecture of ATL in a little more depth and covers newer topics which had been left out in my previous article for simplicity sake. All in all, these two articles should enable any ATL aspirant to get going. I hope you people are looking forward to it.

Articles I have written to date:

ATL: Architecture and Internals

Please mail in your suggestions and comments on my article(s).

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