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Simon Robinson's Home Page

Full name: Simon Jon Robinson
Born: 27 September 1965 (birthday cards welcome!)
Married: No
Email: [email protected]
Home Page:
Likes: All the normal things: Reading, Pop music, Going out, Computer Games, Jazz Dance, Current Affairs, Computer programs that work. Oh - and not forgetting the Lego. Lego is sooo cool
Dislikes: Computer programs that don't work. Religious fundamentalists.
Layout of this page has been ruthlessly copied from: Richard Anderson's author central page. (Ta, Rich!)



Well I think I can do no better than my write up in Pro ADO 2.5, which runs:

Simon Robinson lives in Lancaster, in the UK, where he shares a house with some students. He first encountered serious programming when he was doing his phd in physics, modelling all sorts of wierd things to do with superconductors and quantum mechanics. The experience of programming was nearly enough to put him off computers for life (though oddly, he seems to have survived all the quantum mechanics), and he tried for a while being a sports massage therapist instead. But then he realised how much money was in computers and wasn't in sports massage and rapidly got a job as a C++ programmer/researcher instead. (Simon is clearly the charitable, deep, spiritual, type, who understands the true meaning of life). His  programming work eventually lead him into writing, and he now makes a living mostly writing great books for programmers. He is also an honorary research associate at Lancaster University, where he does research in computational fluid dynamics with the environmental science department.

Well I think that kind of sums me up anyway. Just think student-type who happens to be a genius at computers (well perhaps I'm a little biased there).

Books I've authored to date...

Professional ADSI Programming:
A very comprehensive guide to ADSI, with a lot of information about Active Directory and other common directories too. And even chapters about MMC, WMI and the Windows Installer to make the book a comprehensive guide to many of the new Windows 2000 technologies.
Go To Wrox Press, or buy the book from, or

And the books I've coauthored so far...

Beginning ASP Components:
All you really want to know about component development geared towards ASP
Go To Wrox Press, or buy the book from, or

Professional Active Server Pages 3.0:
Professional ASP 3.0 (Oct 1999) - A very large and very detailed book on ASP, COM(+), ADSI, ADO etc
Go To Wrox Press, or buy the book from, or

Professional ADO 2.5 Programming:
Professional ADO 2.5 Programming (Feb 2000) - A huge book that should tell you everything you need to know about using ADO 2.5.
Go To Wrox Press, or buy the book from, or

Articles I've written to date

You'll also find quite a bit of general information about ADSI, MMC and other topics at My web site, which I occasionally get round to updating! - Jobs for Professional Developers

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