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COM+ Programming:
With it being so fashionable to write about the beta .NET framework - books that will be out of date soon after they are published - it is nice to see a book about an established product, and one that has a lengthy future. I am talking about COM+ of course, the .NET framework relies on COM+ for its component services and will do in the future. So it makes sense to learn about COM+ because you can use it now with Windows 2000 and you will use it in the future when .NET is released. More Details...
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 Jan 2000                                         Issue #1
        IDude, Editor, [email protected]
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  Welcome to the weekly newsletter for
  developers and programmers. The newsletter will be going
  out at the end of each week.
  Firstly, Happy New Year to all our subscribers, and here's
  to the Millennium Bug which wasn't!
  We look forward to your contributions both to the site and
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 Vivid Creations are the internet experts on XML and ATL
 extension libraries. Visit our site
to get more details about our high performance, low memory footprint XML parser, and download our free COM utilities. We wish the best of luck in the future! ------------------------------------------------------------ If you wish to sponsor the newsletter, or one of the channels on the site please contact [email protected]. ------------------------------------------------------------ ABOUT IDR ------------------------------------------------------------ is a developer resource and community site, run by a group of developers who are sharing their expertise with the developer world, and we support an Open Publishing model. Please support our bookstore, our advertisers and our sponsors to help this community continue growing. We are committed to high quality and low hype for all the articles and content on This site needs your help to flourish too so please contribute articles of interest to other developers. The site is divided into channels *COM - which includes COM, COM+, ATL, DCOM etc *XML - XML, XSL and SOAP *ASP *Java *ATR - All The Rest! This channel includes VB, Linux, C++ and all those languages and technologies not in the four main channels. As time goes on and the resources become more intensive, new channels will be set up to cover each area Within the channels, you will find the Zones - Library, Discovery, Interactive, and ETC. This Week covers all the latest additions to the site, plus news and links to areas which are not channel specific - advertising, contribute, special offers etc. Author Central is our way of giving back to the community. Contribute to the site and you get your own free webspace within IDR. International - Forums for the international community of developers, and translations of articles where appropriate. Translators are welcome to contribute articles in their own language, or to translate existing articles on the site. We hope that the international communities will also feature great resources from each country. ------------------------------------------------------------ CHANNELMEISTERS ------------------------------------------------------------ To help keep the content flowing, we are looking for channel meisters who will assist with the tasks of running each channel, or just getting involved with the site. Contact [email protected]?subject=moderator for more info. ------------------------------------------------------------ 1st DEVELOPER GETS AN IDR $100 PRIZE!! ------------------------------------------------------------ During January 2000, is offering developers the chance to share their knowledge, and win $100 dollars in to the bargain. More details at We are really pleased to be able to announce that one person has decided to make the most of this opportunity, and will shortly be nursing his Amazon voucher for $100, for a great article entitled "Active Template Library - Architecture & Internals" which can be found at So, a hearty congratulations to Shivesh Viswanathan, who will soon be featured in Author Central too. Enjoy! To all you budding authors, start writing and see if you can be the next one to win! Less than two weeks left! ------------------------------------------------------------ ARTICLES ------------------------------------------------------------ Just in case you missed the entire previous section......! During January 2000, is offering 100 dollars for articles accepted for publication. Details of the offer can be read at All articles on the site can be discussed in the discussion groups at (see COMMUNITY section below). Top article this week is: An Introduction to WTL by Dr Richard Grimes New articles on the site include: COM Channel - MTS by Dr Richard Grimes What COM is all about by Dr Richard Grimes String Binding Moniker by Frank Rem COM and apartments by Dr Richard Grimes An Introduction to WTL by Dr Richard Grimes Intro to Interface Programming by Dr Richard Grimes Active Template Library - Architecture & Internals by Shivesh Viswanathan XML Channel Article suggestions can be found at Type Library Info, XML and a little XSL ASP Channel Beginning ASP Components by Richard Anderson ADO Recordset by David Sussman ASP FAQ's Articles about ASP needed! Don't forget the January offer of 100 dollars for the best articles submitted for publication! Java Channel The Enterprise Java Beans Series by Gopalan Suresh Raj is up, and it is great stuff! Gopalan's site can be checked out at ATR Channel Articles about Visual Basic, C++, Linux etc needed. $100 for the best articles submitted during January. IN DEV...... We currently have three series of articles in development The 'What is...'Series are short one page descriptions of all the different technologies and languages eg ADSI, MFC, MTS and all the other acronyms! The COM+ Development Series - details at The 'What Language/Technology ..' Series will cover real world case studies of problems and the solution(s) chosen. Anyone wishing to write an article for any of these series should contact: [email protected]?subject=Article Idea ---------------------------------------------------------- COMMUNITY ---------------------------------------------------------- is a community website, and there is a growing IDR community of developers now. There are discussion lists on all topics at dev-com, dev-xml, dev-adsi, dev-mts, dev-asp, dev-java, dev-linux, dev-atl, dev-sap, dev-xml-osp Chat rooms will be set up in all the channels, and there will be scheduled chats over the coming months, covering topics such as Windows 2000, SOAP etc, with renowned authors and gurus. Suggest a chat subject at [email protected]?subject=chat ---------------------------------------------------------- INDUSTRY NEWS ---------------------------------------------------------- We shall shortly be implementing a live newsfeed into the site to keep us all up to date with what is going on out there. In the meantime, we appreciate all the news items being sent in by developers. Send to [email protected]?subject=Breaking News Press releases for new products, upgrades, company news etc also welcome. Details of our newsstream option can be found at ------------------------------------------------------------ FREEBIES ------------------------------------------------------------ Advertising for All. No matter how big your business or your target audience, advertising helps. To assist companies both large and small, and individuals, to draw attention to their website, products, services, etc we are offering free advertising on IDR. Although this seems a somewhat bizarre idea, it fits in with our Open Publishing model. Each month we will accept one advert per company or website to be featured on the site up to a limit of 10 percent of our inventory. Ads will be accepted on a first come, first served basis at the beginning of each month. More details are available at ------------------------------------------------------------ COMPETITIONS ------------------------------------------------------------ This week's newsletter competition is to suggest a name for the newsletter. It should be short, snappy, suitable and here by Thursday, 26th Jan. Any received before then will be included in a vote on the site during the coming week. All entries to [email protected]. The prize? An IDR-exclusive surprise! The competition on the site this week is a Trivia Competition. Details can be found in This Week and there is a general discussion ongoing in the dev-idr group. Please join in! The prize is an exclusive IDR t-shirt. ------------------------------------------------------------ How to be a guest columnist ------------------------------------------------------------ If you would like to submit a guest column for the newsletter, just drop the Editor a line at [email protected], stating what you would like to write about. ------------------------------------------------------------ Copyright Information ------------------------------------------------------------ Copyright 2000 ------------------------------------------------------------ List Maintenance: To subscribe [email protected]?subject=subscribe To unsubscribe [email protected]?subject=unsubscribe Online issues will be archived in future at

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