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COM+ Programming:
With it being so fashionable to write about the beta .NET framework - books that will be out of date soon after they are published - it is nice to see a book about an established product, and one that has a lengthy future. I am talking about COM+ of course, the .NET framework relies on COM+ for its component services and will do in the future. So it makes sense to learn about COM+ because you can use it now with Windows 2000 and you will use it in the future when .NET is released. More Details...
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          Newsletter for developers and programmers
 Mar 31st 2000                                         Issue #11
        IDude, Editor, mailto:[email protected] 

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Welcome to the iDevResource newsletter for professional

Great News!  Microsoft have added $1000 to the COM+
Competition Prize Fund so we can now offer a grand total of
$2000 for the articles submitted.  We can offer editing 
assistance and support to any of the authors who have
registered to write - just contact [email protected].
The deadline has been extended to April 30th too.

A press release about the COM+ Competition is available by 
emailing [email protected]?subject=COM+_Press_Release -
help promote the competition by adding the information to 
your site or sending the competition details to developers
involved in COM+ Development.

We can also announce the MSMQ Competition exclusively
here in the newsletter.  That's why it is late going out 
this week - we wanted to be able to bring this news to you
first!  More details below under Competitions.

ASP developers - Vote for our Rich!  If you have read 
Professional ASP 3.0 you have the chance to vote at the 
ASP Guild on this book written by iDevResource's very own
Richard Anderson (and others!).  Help him, and his fellow 
authors, win the ASP Guild Top Book award by going to and voting for their book.  
OK, we know! Everyone has freedom of choice and if there 
is a book you prefer, we wouldn't stop you voting for it, 
but if you liked Pro ASP 3 then please vote!!

Once again we would like to emphasise that iDR is a
site created by developers FOR developers.  Not all
contributions to the site come from professional authors, 
just from developers who have subjects they wish to cover.

If you have a subject you are dying to write about 
because you have seen it poorly covered elsewhere, 
or even incorrect code and explanations - just apply 
your fingers to the keyboard and let us know!

Please contact us at [email protected] if you wish 
to write.  We're here to help.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions, please send them 
to mailto:[email protected]


Offer in the catalogue. (You have to admit, we don't give up!)
For one month only!  Boxed catalogue listings are free this 
month, all month! All non-boxed listings are free as usual.

To list your product, job or training course, just contact 
us at [email protected].  

Any listing which is also supported with a paid advert, 
newsletter sponsorship or advert will feature at the top
of each category, and will bear the iDR sponsor symbol.
The catalogue can be checked out at

Our new database will shortly be finished which will allow 
the top listings in the categories to be featured at the 
end of appropriate articles. Sponsor listings will have 
priority, and this will give your listing a highly-targetted

Advertising on the site is currently $50 (Ј30) per slot for
a banner or box advert.  One slot is valid for a month and 
is run of site, discounts are available on bulk buys -
multiple slots or long-term ads. The stats are rising 
fast now and last week we had 4619 visitors, who viewed an 
average of 4.4 pages each. The average time spent on the 
site has consistently been around the 10 minute mark since 
our launch last December. We feel that our rates represent 
excellent value to reach a targetted audience of 
international Windows developers.

All free advertising for April has now been taken, but we
operate this system on a first come, first served basis, so
if you would like to be featured in May, please get your 
creatives in soon.

The diary has been updated to include all the events we
have been told about.  If you are attending an event and think 
others would be interested, please let us know.  If you are
organising an event, mail us with the details and we'll list 
it and link to it.

We've closed the poll and the results are up at This Week.
Odd how so few people voted on this issue when Tim O'Reilly and 
Jeff Bezos feel strongly enough (for whatever reasons!) to
march on Washington and ask for software patent reform.

What else is new?  It has been such a hectic week here that 
there seems to be a team-wide case of amnesia!  Just take it 
from us - all sorts has changed and will continue to do so on
a daily basis!



COM Patterns by Tony Toivonen

How to use DDX in WTL by Girish Bharadwaj - a Bytesize article

Byte Size article about session state and lock downs by George Reilly

Byte size article about session state in ASP

Check out the new resources in ATR for VB, Windows, NT and 98.
Lots of FAQ's, tips and coding support.

Sample chapter from ASP in a Nutshell - The Request Object
by A Keyton Weissinger and Ron Petrusha

We are still looking for XML and ASP articles and article ideas.

We're also looking for ATL, MTS and MFC FAQ's.  Have you written 
one or know of a good one?  Let us know.

Want to write? Download the author template and read the 
guidelines here

The webrings are slowly gaining momentum and the traffic through
them continues to be good.  If you have a developer site or a COM,
DCOM site, feel free to join.
There was a problem last week with non-working HTML fragments but most
seem to have been fixed now.  If you still have a problem, please
mail [email protected]?subject=webring


MSMQ Competition.  NEW THIS WEEK!  Thanks to MSMQ Product 
Manager, Charles Sterling, we are pleased to be able to 
announce an MSMQ Competition with $1000 dollars going to 
the winner.  The competition is to write a paper covering
the following:

MSMQ under Windows 2000

The brief is that the article should cover programming in
MSMQ in workgroup mode:

1)The principles and requirements of connected and disconnected 
2) Discuss what MSMQ provides for a typical disconnected
applications and basic architecture 
3) Explain how MSMQ is now a service in COM+

Deadline: April 30th.  Details will go on the site on Monday

Don't forget the COM+ Competition in association with Microsoft
and we can now announce the rise to $2000 in prizes. The 
deadline has been extended to April 30 and the number of 
registrations has shot up since the competition was also
announced on the Microsoft COM site. 

More details on

The COM+ Development Series will be a comprehensive 
resource of COM+ articles, information on features and a 

There is considerable interest in this series already, 
and we know that many developers are struggling to find 
COM+ information currently.  Help them out by writing for the
series and take a pop at the $2000.

And, still running.....;o)

How did the Windows 2000 chicken cross the road?  And the XML
and ASP and Java chickens?  Check out the other technological
chickens at and send 
in some suggestions for other chucks!!  Prizes to the top
answers.........send your suggestions to 
[email protected]

We'll be back with more news and views on Friday.  Feedback 
welcome as always!

Have a great weekend!

The Team

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