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COM+ Programming

COM+ Programming:
With it being so fashionable to write about the beta .NET framework - books that will be out of date soon after they are published - it is nice to see a book about an established product, and one that has a lengthy future. I am talking about COM+ of course, the .NET framework relies on COM+ for its component services and will do in the future. So it makes sense to learn about COM+ because you can use it now with Windows 2000 and you will use it in the future when .NET is released. More Details...
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          Newsletter for developers and programmers
 May 12th 2000                                  Issue #15

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  WELCOME to the 15th issue

Welcome to the iDevResource newsletter for professional
developers. The site is run by professional developers who 
give their time and expertise to create this resource and 

iDR offers cutting edge articles on the latest technologies 
& tools, breaking news, forums, a developer catalogue 
featuring products, training courses and jobs, humour, 
prize competitions and much more.

  NEW This Week

Another busy week, especially after COM+2 was (finally) 
announced by Paul Thurrott in his WinInfo newsletter. As 
you see we have an article on COM+2 by Richard Grimes at

Discussion: There is a new group for COM+2 discussion at  Several key Microsoft 
players will be invited to join this group.  

Problem (& Solution?):  As a team which has almost perfected 
the art of searching for COM material without being inundated 
with everything and anything dotCOM, it is a pain that 
the problem has now been exacerbated by using +2!! The fact 
that the "+" sign acts as a Boolean Operator makes for 
problems when searching for COM+2 information. 

How about?: anyone adding COM+2 material, news, etc to their 
site use "complus2" as a keyword both in the META tags 
and the body text to enable developers to find the 
information more easily.   All of those developers from 
a C++ background will already know the extent of this 
problem!  We want to find a solution.  Bad enough that
Application Service Providers couldn't think of a 
different acronym but making it hard to find information on 
anything COM is unforgiveable (isn't it, RG?!)

Article: ATL Internals Part 2 by Shivesh Viswanathan is now at

Article: ATLServer by Richard Grimes - get the lowdown on what 
ATLServer is all about.

Zone: The WTL zone features a discussion group, forums
and articles to support developers using WTL.  Lots of input direct from MS -
Thanks Nenad.  Also thanks to Eamon O'Tuathail from 
for allowing us to reproduce his post to the ATL list on the 
'Future of WTL'.  It will go on the site on Monday.

Article & Discussion: The dev-xml list has recently been the 
arena for discussion on the Level 3 DOM and adding an addressing 
api.  Aaron Skinner contributed this, with additional thoughts 
from Richard Anderson.
dev-xml was the fastest growing XML list at one point with over 
400 subscribers in 4 days!  You can join at

Wanted: Many sites cover ASP in depth, and there is no point replicating that sterling work.  However, we are 
still looking for ASP COM articles to complement the work going on
in the COM channel.  However, don't let this request put you off
contributing _any_ ASP articles! If you have a high-level ASP 
contribution, don't hesitate to get it in front of the iDR 
audience by sending it to [email protected].

Competition: Last few days of the MSMQ competition.  If you wish 
to write the proposed white paper 
( and win $1000 but 
appear to be running out of time, just let us know.  
Several COM+ entries for that competition have been allowed 
extra time and we are flexible folk!  The aim is to add quality 
articles to the site AND give away money, so join in.  

New competition to be announced shortly for ASP developers.

News: the news database is now fully functional and news items 
submitted can be seen on the site within a matter of hours. Submit 
your news at 
We are considering adding a newsfeed so that other sites can incorporate
these targeted news items into their own sites.  Any developers 
interested in helping us achieve this?  Contact [email protected]
To date we have developed all the solutions on the site and would
like to continue doing so.

We shall also shortly be launching 3 newswire sites with dedicated 
news for Windows, Windows2000 and COM+.  All news can be submitted 
very easily so start preparing your press releases!

Channel: ATR (All The Rest) is the channel for VB, Linux, and any 
languages and technologies not covered in the other areas.  
Articles welcome.

Event: COMFest goes Fourth occurs this weekend in the UK so we hope 
to be reporting on that next week. Have fun guys!

Advertisers: We are currently shaking up our advertising system and 
now offer a growing niche audience to advertisers.  Boxes are still 
available for a mere $50/Ј30 per month until the new ad management 
system is implemented. 

Catalogue: If you have a product, training course, seminar, conference 
date, book, or even a website needing some promotion, add it to the
catalogue.  Terms negotiable! Contact [email protected]

Advert: Build complete word processing, intranet and desktop publishing 
applications with TX Text Control Version 7- a word processing control, 
which can be dropped into a number of development environments, 
including Visual Basic and Delphi. Standard and professional 
versions available. See web site for details and sample apps

Get your advert in front of an international audience of professional 
developers by contacting [email protected].  Rates negotiable.

Jobs - watch this space for the launch of the iDevResource jobs site
aimed specifically at professional developers.  The URL will be

iDR site - we shall shortly be restructuring the site to incorporate 
recent changes in the developer world and new technologies announced.  
We plan to make this as painless as possible for all of us.  Any 
ideas/suggestions on how to improve the site are welcome at 
[email protected]

Wanted: we have been contacted with a request for authors for 
for "texts on Active X, COM, MCSD VB7, and a variety of other 
programming and web topics.  These would not be high level 
books, rather they would be for soph/jr in college wanting to 
go out into industry."  Anyone interested? Contact us and we'll 
put you in touch. i[email protected]?subject=nl_authors

Please contact us at [email protected] if
you wish to write full-length articles, FAQ's, or Byte Size, 
or have other contributions for, or check 
our author template and guidelines at


Poll: OK, we admit to being flummoxed!  The bookstore is
extremely well-visited and there are a constantly high number 
of clickthroughs, which fail spectacularly to be reflected in 
the purchases!  Have we got something wrong?! iDR is not
VC funded nor do we have a fairy godmother to pay the bills, 
so, yes, we watch our Amazon figures!  (IDR is a very hungry 
beastie when it comes to expensive UK bandwidth ;o)

Please answer the following questions and cut and paste into 
an email to [email protected]?subject=Book_Poll so we
can provide a bookstore which caters for all.

1. Do you want book reviews & ratings from the community to help 
you decide on a book to purchase?  
2. Would you like a weekly list of the top books?  
3. Do you purchase your developer books through Amazon? 
4. Do you have another favourite site for book buying?  
5. Do you buy from a site located in your country eg
6. Do you check books out on the Net and then go to a bookstore 
to buy?
Any other comments welcome.

(BTW this week's top book was Essential COM with Professional 
ATL COM Programming a close second.)


We welcome your feedback and suggestions, please send them 
to mailto:[email protected]

---------------------------------------------------------- respects your privacy.  Your e-mail address
will NOT be made available to anyone else.


Your advert could be here...... advertise products, websites, 
books, upgrades, magazines etc to an audience of international
developers - truly niche.  
Contact [email protected] for details.

MSMQ COMPETITION - Last few days!

The MSMQ Competition in association with -
$1000 dollars go to the winner.  The competition is to write 
a paper covering the following:

MSMQ under Windows 2000

The brief is that the article should cover programming in
MSMQ in workgroup mode:

1)The principles and requirements of connected and disconnected 
2) Discuss what MSMQ provides for a typical disconnected
applications and basic architecture 
3) Explain how MSMQ is now a service in COM+

Deadline May 15th.  Details in This Week

Have a good weekend. We'll be back with more news and views 
next week.  Feedback welcome as always!

The Team
[email protected]

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