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COM+ Programming

COM+ Programming:
With it being so fashionable to write about the beta .NET framework - books that will be out of date soon after they are published - it is nice to see a book about an established product, and one that has a lengthy future. I am talking about COM+ of course, the .NET framework relies on COM+ for its component services and will do in the future. So it makes sense to learn about COM+ because you can use it now with Windows 2000 and you will use it in the future when .NET is released. More Details...
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              Newsletter for developers and programmers 
Jan 2000                                         Issue #2
        IDude, Editor, [email protected]
By subscription only! Welcome to the second issue of the
             " Newsletter". 

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Please forward to a colleague or friend if you know they 
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Welcome to the weekly newsletter for 
developers and programmers. The newsletter will be going 
out at the end of every week.

Congratulations to the winner of one of the $100 dollar 
prizes.  We are stunned that there haven't been more and are 
preparing to have a big party on the money left over!  If 
you are one of the 50+ people to download the article 
template, we are happy to extend the deadline if you mail us
at [email protected] and tell us what article you are

We look forward to your contributions both to the site and
to the newsletter, just mail them to 
[email protected].  We can't guarantee to 
publish everything in the newsletter but we will try! 


 Please visit our sponsor this month ....
 Vivid Creations are the internet experts on XML and ATL 
 extension libraries. Visit our site 

 to get more details about our high performance, low memory
 footprint XML parser, and download our free COM utilities.

 We wish the best of luck in the future!

If you wish to sponsor the newsletter, or one of the 
channels on the site please contact 
[email protected].
 ------------------------------------------------------------ is an independent developer resource and 
community site, run by a group of developers who would like to
share their expertise with the developer world, and we support
an Open Publishing model. Please support our bookstore, our 
advertisers and our sponsors to help this community to
continue to grow. We are committed to high quality and low 
hype for all the articles and content on

This site needs your help to flourish too so please 
contribute articles of interest to other developers.

The site is divided into channels:
COM (including COM+, ATL, DCOM etc)
XML (including XML, XSL and SOAP)
Java (including the most excellent series on EJB 
by Gopalan Suresh Raj)
ATR - All The Rest! (including VB, Linux, C++ and all those 
languages and technologies not in the four main channels.

Within the channels, you will find the Zones - Library, 
Discovery, Interactive, and ETC.

This Week covers all the latest additions to the site, 
plus news and links to areas which are not channel 
specific - advertising, contribute, special offers etc.

Author Central is our way of giving back to the community.
Contribute to the site and you get your own free webspace
within IDR.  New authors added this week!

International Forums for the international community of 
developers need a bit of a boost so if you are feeling 
patriotic this week, tell 5 people about the forums for
your country!

We hope that the international communities will also feature
great resources from each country over the coming months.


Ok, so we had a few arguments about whether to be European 
or American in the spelling!

The catalogue features training courses, jobs and products.
Sample catalogue listings can be seen at

Rates for catalog(ue) listings can be obtained by contacting
[email protected].  

We would like to point out that anyone wishing to haggle 
about the price for a listing is welcome to do so!  No 
telling whether you'll win...;o) 


The success of the COM webring is astounding.  Last week
our traffic logs show 549 user sessions for that page alone.
If you have a COM site, this is the ring to join if you want
highly targeted traffic from COM developers.

On the back of that success, we have now set up the
Developers webring, and are looking for developer sites to 
join it.

This is Free, easy traffic to your site, plus you become the
member of a community which we envisage to become huge over
the next few months, with all of its members benefiting.

If you wish to join either of the rings, go to
To help keep the content flowing, we are looking for 
channel meisters who will assist with the tasks of running 
each channel, or just getting involved with the site.  
Contact [email protected]?subject=moderator
for more info.
Only one week left!  Win $100 or an Amazon gift voucher for
the same amount by writing for

More details at

Shivesh Viswanathan now has his $100 voucher for Amazon for 
his great article entitled "Active Template Library -
Architecture & Internals" which can be found at

His Author Central site will also soon be there for all to see.

To all you budding authors, start writing and see if you 
can be the next one to win!  We'll extend the deadline if you
just say what article you are planning to write.  


All articles on the site can be discussed in the discussion
groups at (see COMMUNITY section below).

Top article this week without a doubt was: 
An Introduction to WTL by Dr Richard Grimes

Over 600 people went to read Richard's article in two weeks.
Thanks to Chris Sells for posting a link on the ATL list.

New articles on the site this week include:

COM Channel - Our most popular channel, both for visitors and 
Active X & COM by Gopalan Suresh Raj
(Reproduced with permission)
MTS by Gopalan Suresh Raj
Developing a Simple MTS Server Component Part 1 
by Gopalan Suresh Raj
Developing a Simple MTS Client Application Part 2
by Gopalan Suresh Raj
Developing the Bank Account IDL - Part 1
by Gopalan Suresh Raj
MTS Server Component - Part 2 by Gopalan Suresh Raj
MTS Client - Part 3 by Gopalan Suresh Raj
Active Template Library - Architecture & Internals by
Shivesh Viswanathan - $100 winner

XML Channel

Article suggestions can be found at

ASP Channel 

Java Channel

The Enterprise Java Beans Series by Gopalan Suresh Raj
is up, and it is great stuff! (Reproduced with permission)

Gopalan's site can be checked out at
ATR Channel
Articles about Visual Basic, C++, Linux etc needed.  
$100 for the best articles submitted during January.

IN DEV......

We currently have three series of articles in development

The 'What is...'Series are short one page descriptions 
of all the different technologies and languages eg ADSI,
MFC, MTS and all the other acronyms! Every developer 
should be able to manage one of these!  

The COM+ Development Series - details at

The 'What Language/Technology ..' Series will cover real 
world case studies of problems and the solution(s) chosen.

We need your help to continue filling the content of the 
site whilst we ensure the functionality works OK.  Please 
remember this site is being developed by a group of 
developers independently.  We do not have a multi-million 
dollar budget!!  As soon as we are able we will offer 
a revenue sharing scheme to the contributors, and in the 
meantime we hope other developers will share their experience,
knowledge and coding techniques with others.

Anyone wishing to write an article for any of these series 
or channels should contact: 
mailto:[email protected]?subject=ArticleIdea

  COMMUNITY - Developer Desires

We would like to set the community on fire a little.  Have
you any desires that we could satisfy?!

The discussion groups are at and currently we
run the following:

dev-idr (for general discussions about the site and the 
world!), dev-xml, dev-xml-osp (for Open Source Projects),
dev-com, dev-java, dev-adsi, dev-asp, dev-linux, dev-mts,
dev-atl, dev-sap, dev-vb - phew! Think that's all of them.

Moderators are wanted to help out the overstretched team, 
so anyone who would like to become more involved in the 
community please get in touch at 
[email protected]?subject=moderator.  



We would like to apologise for the hiccup in getting news 
to the site recently.  An absolutely vital member of our 
team stopped being quite so vital and went down like a ton
of bricks with the 'flu. Apparently the remedies are working
now (including the threatening phone calls to come back to 
work or else!) and news should start rolling again on to
the site next week.

We appreciate the news items being sent in by IDR visitors
so don't stop!  Send to
[email protected]?subject=BreakingNews

Press releases for new products, upgrades, company news
etc also welcome.  Details of our newsstream option can 
be found at


Advertising for All.  We think it levels the playing field
so we are going to keep doing it.  Want a free advert on  The beginnning of February is the time 
for you to get your adverts in to IDR.

Each month we will accept one advert per company or 
website to be featured on the site up to a limit of 
10 percent of our inventory.  Ads will be accepted on a 
first come, first served basis. More details are available at under Banner


What?  No name for the newsletter yet?  Someone must have an 
idea what to call this newsletter?!  Otherwise, the team 
have decided to share the prize between ourselves!

We had some large numbers generated by last week's Trivia quiz.

This week's competition on the site (and you hear about it 
here first) is a Humour Competition.  What is the worst 
developer joke you have ever heard?  Which is the best?  Know
a pun about XML, or ASP or COM?  Got any Linux jokes? Thought
of an interface or component related song title? What might 
IDude have got up to this week?  (Wait till you see the new 
cartoons which will go up next week in the etc/humour section!)

Anything funny - we don't mind as long as it is programming 

The prize?  Suggest one!
Entries to [email protected] by Thursday next week.

Advance warning: next week's newsletter competition will
involve Valentine's Day - get your thinking hats on.  There 
are females on this team who are convinced programmers are the
most unromantic bunch ever.  Prove IMoniker and her girlie 
friends wrong!

All the bookstores have been updated this week.  If there are
titles you would like to recommend, or just published 
titles, let us know at [email protected].

Written a book?  Got a sample chapter that we can put up so 
that others can see how great it is?  Publishers: this is one
of the proven methods for selling books - putting sample 
chapters online.  We are happy to add them to the site.

Please support our bookstore, and the IDR team through this 
development time.  Buy a book in the IDR bookstore!
   Copyright Information
   Copyright 2000 Ltd
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