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COM+ Programming

COM+ Programming:
With it being so fashionable to write about the beta .NET framework - books that will be out of date soon after they are published - it is nice to see a book about an established product, and one that has a lengthy future. I am talking about COM+ of course, the .NET framework relies on COM+ for its component services and will do in the future. So it makes sense to learn about COM+ because you can use it now with Windows 2000 and you will use it in the future when .NET is released. More Details...
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               Newsletter for developers and programmers 

 Feb 2000                                         Issue #4

        IDude, Editor, [email protected]

 By subscription only! Welcome to the fourth issue of the
             " Newsletter". 

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We hope everyone had a good weekend! We did - jazzing up the
site and doing some final tests on the new forums.  We hope 
you like the changes and will continue to chivvy us on to
greater things.    Your feedback about the site is 
appreciated, including criticism, but please be gentle with
us!  We are only human after all!  Please send all 
suggestions, ideas, broken links etc to 
[email protected]

The weekly newsletter will now be going 
out at the beginning rather than the end of each week to 
try and report on upcoming events rather than past ones!

Please help to support this site through the bookstore, 
catalogue and advertising.  We are a group of developers 
trying to create a high-quality, independent resource, 
and look to the revenue from the site to continue the
development of our ideas.  

We are also looking for a company to sponsor one of the 
competitions, so if you would like to get your company name
and product in front of international developers, as well as
providing a great prize for the community,
contact [email protected]?subject=competition


If you wish to sponsor the newsletter, or one of the 
channels on the site please contact [email protected]

Thank you to Vivid Creations for sponsoring the newsletter 
last month.

We are now accepting adverts in the newsletter too.
Attractive rates, haggling allowed!
[email protected]   

SPECIAL OFFER - one week only

As an introductory offer to launch the catalogue, we are 
offering free listings for jobs, products and training 
courses.  There has been considerable interest in listing 
jobs and products on the website, so we hope this offer
will be of interest to all of those companies.

This offer is only valid for ONE WEEK, until Monday 
14th February. has to cover its costs, 
but we would also like to repay all those who have
supported us through this initial development period.

Jobs will be listed for one month, products and training 
courses for three months.  All you have to pay is the 
one time registration fee.  More details can be found at

The All-new IDR forums

Designed and programmed by one of our gurus, the XML forums 
are now open but we would like to remind everyone they are
in beta.  Please report all bugs and make comments so that
we can get perfect them as soon as possible.  There are 
forums on books, SOAP, schema, you name it!

We shall slowly move all of the discussion groups over to 
the forum area to ensure the community strength of the site.


Gopalan Suresh Raj writes about the COM threading model 
and the differences between COM and Win 32.


This week should see a wealth of new articles on the site
so bookmark the This Week area (and tell us if our new favicon 
works!) and watch the library shelves fill up.


What's in it for you?  Aside from fame and glory ;o) gives you the chance to get your ideas 
and experience in front of your peers. Something not always 
possible with other magazines. 

Although we can't all be Richard Grimes - phew! - his 
WTL Architecture article was read by approx 500 developers
on the first two days after publication.  That's quite 
an audience.

Download the template and read the guidelines here


Once again, we would like to issue a call for COM+ authors.

The COM+ Development Series is now in full swing, but there
are several articles which lack an author.  

If you feel you could write about a specific area of COM+, 
the list of articles can be found at
and detailed outlines are available from [email protected] 



Thank you for all the questions posted to Ask the Gurus in the
last week.

Do you know the answers to the questions and fancy becoming 
an guru?  We'd welcome you on board and are 
happy to give all gurus a page on Author Central at the very 

This week's questions:


Daniel Devine asked: Is there a way to describe a Windows 
device context handle or Console handle in IDL?

Richard Grimes answered.

Lee Nana asked: I have 2 database servers that have the 
same database schema (structure). I need to access both the 
databases to retrieve data via MTS. May I know how it is 
possible to do so?

The Anonymous Guru answered!


Dylan Snopkowski's question about displaying records  
(a recordset question) has been turned into a Byte Size 
article by guru David Sussman here

Oleh Matkovskyy's question about forms and session variables
only has a preliminary answer.  Would you like to provide 
a more complete answer? Email [email protected]


We would really like to encourage the international communities
and we need your help to do that.  Each community aims to 
benefit others from the same country or who speak the same 
language, rather like the channels do for the different
technologies. What resource do you value most from your own 
country?  What is the best book you have read recently?  What
events are happening in your country right now?  What 
conferences have come to your notice this week?  Which 
developers are the most sought after?  What is the best 
magazine in your country? etc etc

Let everyone know through the discussion groups at
idev-de, idev-kr, idev-in, idev-uk etc.


And, as we go to press, we would like to thank everyone for 
supporting the bookstore - keep it up!!  However, we would 
just like to say that we are bemused by the purchases which 
this week have included 'The Secrets of Lock Picking', 
'Transparent soap making', and 'Tales from a Parallel Universe'
Music CD.

We shall be featuring the most bizarre purchases each week 
in the newsletter!

All the best 

The Team
The professional developers' resource
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