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COM+ Programming:
With it being so fashionable to write about the beta .NET framework - books that will be out of date soon after they are published - it is nice to see a book about an established product, and one that has a lengthy future. I am talking about COM+ of course, the .NET framework relies on COM+ for its component services and will do in the future. So it makes sense to learn about COM+ because you can use it now with Windows 2000 and you will use it in the future when .NET is released. More Details...
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               Newsletter for developers and programmers 
March 2000                                         Issue #7
        IDude, Editor, [email protected]
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Welcome to the weekly newsletter for 
developers and programmers.

Well, as you will see, this is a very much shortened version
of the weekly newsletter. Apologies for this, but the reason
is our regular newsletter editor has gone on a very well
earned break to Amsterdam, Holland. We don't expect the
editor to return before the weekend, and then expect to wait
another week at least before we get any sense!! As of the
last phone call, the bars were under a serious sustained

As for the news this week, there are new articles, and major
developments in new facilities on the site.

New forums have been set up in each channel on the Ask The
Guru page and
there are plenty of people in this community asking for help 
so dive in and offer your experience.  If you have a problem,
just ask.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions, please send them 
to [email protected]

Once again, please support the site by purchasing books 
through the bookstore, advertising on the website or through
the newsletter to an international audience of professional 
developers, and don't forget the catalogue for your 
products, training courses and jobs.

Please visit this month's sponsor:

Computer Manuals

The computer book specialist with an extensive selection of 
computer books available for same day dispatch at up to 
30% discount.


If you wish to sponsor the newsletter, or one of the 
channels on the site please contact [email protected]

Thank you to Vivid Creations for sponsoring the newsletter 
last month.

5 line text adverts in the newsletter are now being accepted.
Contact [email protected].


The NEW community forums are up at Forums and there are 
already plenty of posts to read.  Along with the Community
forums we have established Forums for each Channel within So, there are now channels for COM, ASP,
ATR, Java and XML. Just go the
for more information.

The forums have been created by Rich Anderson
and we would be interested to know what other features you 
would like to see in them. Please note, we want your
feedback! Tell us what Forums you want to see, do you like
our new forums?

There are new authors featured in the Author Central page so 
read about our contributors at Author Central.  All contributors
to IDR get a minisite in Author Central to showcase their
services, products, own website, books, other articles etc.


Richard Anderson has written two articles this week:

What are Web Services?:

Intoduction to ASP+:

We have a new Bytesize article in the ASP Channel:
COM HTTP Libraries

Articles in the pipeline include Object Pooling, more ASP
articles, lots of XML tutorials and Java. We have been told 
by other developers that it is often very difficult to get 
your articles published in magazines, so use 
to get that information and experience to those who want to 
read it. 

Download the author template and read the guidelines here

The bookshops are now affiliated with Computer Manuals 
instead of  Computer Manuals guarantee next 
day delivery for Europe and U.K. if orders are received
before 3pm UK time!!


Although we have authors working on some of the articles, we
are still looking for experienced COM+ developers to assist with
our COM+ Development Series.  The rewards for writing these
articles will be substantial fame and glory as we know there
are many, many developers awaiting this series.  

The whole series is being promoted heftily on the Internet 
and we would welcome assistance on getting the series finished.
Authors already busy writing include Dr Richard Grimes, 
Tom Armstrong and others of similar ilk.

If you feel capable of covering one of the articles outlined
at please
contact [email protected]


We're looking for sponsors for a big competition we have
planned - watch this space for an announcement shortly.

We can guarantee substantial interest in the competition, and
it will be an ideal opportunity for companies to get 
involved in something which we know will be a hit.

If you would like to sponsor the competition, either with a
large or small prize, please let us know here at IDR as soon 
as possible.

And that's all for this week.

Have a great weekend!

The Team

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