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TX Text Control
A frequent question: "I need a build a simple word processor into my VB app. How do I do it?" Solution: TX Text Control is an extremely versatile word processing control for Visual Basic. It can handle Word, HTML, and RTF files with ease. TX Text Control is also fully compatible with Microsoft Edit Controls.
First and only publication in the software development market offering new analysis in the field that includes dozens of dense technical journals.
Contains about 900 ASP and VB code snippets, modules, and applications - and a help forum. All code is tested before posting. New code is added every day.
Hundreds of free VB and ASP source code snippets and downloads in many categories.
A comprehensive resource index of free and commercial ASP Applications, Scripts, Components, articles, and other resources.
Wintellect is a software consulting and education firm whose mission is to help companies ship great software faster. We offer a full range of .NET, Win32, MFC, and COM programming classes that are ready for delivery at your site. We also offer open enrollment courses at locations around the country, and provide expert consulting and debugging services featuring some of the biggest and most respected names in the business. If you have an impossible bug, a question no one else can answer, or need a top-notch consultant, we can help.

Reflector for .NET
Reflector is a class browser for .NET components/assemblies. It features hierarchical assembly and namespace views, type and member dictionary index search, type reference search, custom attributes view, IL disassembler and viewers for XML documentations and MSDN help. Assembly dependency trees, supertype/subtype hierarchies and resources can be inspected as well. Function prototypes are displayed in C#, VB and Eiffel syntax. Windows XP enabled. In short: the swiss army knife for .NET programmers.
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WTL Architecture by Richard Grimes

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