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External Articles:

COM+ for VB programmers
by Ted Pattison of DM

Handling Exceptions by Robert Schmidt

The Evolving Interface by Robert Hess

Dr GUI is Duwamished!

VBA and DNA by Ari Bixhorn

This article provides a high-level overview of Microsoft’s framework for distributed systems and outlines the architecture and benefits of using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to tailor these applications.

Customize Windows DNA with VBA

It's what will differentiate static distributed applications from the next generation of dynamic Windows DNA development platforms. It's also why organizations are turning to Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to enable quick and effective customization in their Windows DNA products.

Windows DNA Primer

Windows DNA is Microsoft's platform for building and deploying Web-based applications -- ranging from your e-commerce site to your intranet app. Windows DNA is a platform, in the sense that it identifies and provides all the products, tools, services, and the programming model that developers need to build a Web application.


Bjorne Stroustrup is the inventor of C++. This is his C++ page.

Stroustrup's FAQ

Frequently asked questions about C++ by Bjorne Stroustrup himself. Questions answered include the correct pronunciation of his name!

Muller's Introduction To OOP

Some C++ topics are hard to explain, but this site methodically covers topics like polymorphism, abstract data types, and templates.

Introduction to C++

Reddy and Wise illustrate C++ language features with language history and self-contained examples in this series on C++ and Java from ACM.

From The Ground Up: A Guide To C++

This excellent, fun tutorial helps a total novice understand important C++ topics such as object-oriented design using taco and salsa analogies (registration is free). Especially good if you know Pascal and want to learn C++.

Creating a Simple MFC Program

This tutorial takes you through the basic steps involved in creating a simple MFC program with Microsoft Visual C++.

C++ Stuff by Neil

Concise but clear descriptions of C++ topics

C++ FAQ Lite

Marshall Cline's frequently asked questions about C++.

C++ Annotations

A tutorial for knowledgeable users of C looking to make an easy transition to C++.

A Guide to C++

An interactive online tutorial for C++. It's free but you must register in order to use it.

Alexander's programming in C++

Alexander makes the newbie feel like programming is easy.

DbiDoRestructure: Part 1

Mike Harris presents DbiDoRestructure: Part 1, the first part of his three part series of articles that explain how to create a database table restructuring application. In this article Mike Harris explains how to iterate and display database Alias names for a specified database driver type.

DbiDoRestructure: Part 2

Mike Harris presents DbiDoRestructure: Part 2, the second part of his three part series of articles that explain how to create a database table restructuring application. In this article Mike Harris explains how to iterate and display table names for a specified database Alias.

DbiDoRestructure: Part 3

Mike Harris presents DbiDoRestructure: Part 3, the final part of his three part series of articles that explain how to create a database table restructuring application. In this article Mike Harris discusses database cursors, table descriptors, field descriptors, and the table restructure operation itself.

Database Callback Functions

Mike Harris presents Database Callback Functions. In this new article Mike Harris explains how to use database callback functions to capture extended information in database applications. Learn the similarities and differences between the TBDECallback object and the DbiRegisterCallback function.

BDE Language Drivers

Mike Harris and Michael Trier team up to present, BDE Language Drivers, an article that shows how to programmatically enumerate the language drivers stored in the BDE. Plus, along the way you'll learn some information about the BDE API that could prove useful.

Image is Everything

Brad Stowers' article, Image is Everything, explains how to display icons associated with filenames in the ListView control. Take advantage of the newest user interface features and provide your uses with a consistent look and feel. Also, don't forget to check out his website, Delphi Free Stuff, where you can download a System Image List component WITH source.

Mysteries and Quandries of DLLs

This tutorial will get you started in one of the more advanced Windows programming areas. A great introduction into a scary subject.

Accessing DLLs and the Windows API

Advanced Topics in C++

A presentation on the slightly advanced features of C++ such as overloading, class templates, pointers and references.

DLLs for Beginners

The objective of this article is to introduce the concepts of the Dynamic Link Library (DLL) and the mechanism of writing a DLL for Microsoft Windows applications.


A brief overview of DLLs and what they do

DLL Tutorial

This tutorial explains how to build a DLL in Visual C++ and then use it in a VB application.

The Design Process

This White Paper covers the design process for software creation with a special emphases on Object Oriented Programming.

An OOP Primer

This article is great if you are new to the world of Objects or programming in general. The article gives an introduction to Object Oriented Programming and then talks about Borland's implementation of TObject. Great info to help build your foundation in C++ and the Builder. Written by Scott Cross. of TObject.htm

Program for Change

Use interfaces in your C++ programs to simplify maintenance by Michael L. Perry

Debugging Component-Based Memory Leaks.

There are many ways to catch memory leaks. Here's one that works well with COM, CORBA, and other components.

Executing a Class Member in Its Own Thread

Executing a Class Member in Its Own Thread by Allen Broadman and Eric Shaw.

Supercharge your scripts

Supercharge your scripts - WSH and COM relevant
Check out this link

New MSJ Release!!

November issue of MSJ includes COM+ security model and Paul DiLascio's on
Check out this link

And FM 2000 gets a look-in too. For info on how it uses COM+ services
Check out this link

Duwamish Book Sample

Phase 4 of the Duwamish Books sample is now ready. COM, ASP, IIS and the rest!
Check out this link

MSDN Voices

MSDN Voices hosts Dr Gui, and Extreme XML
Check out this link

Christian Beaumont's ATL MMC sample

Christian Beaumont's ATL MMC sample has reappeared on the net.
Check out this link

COM newsgroups notes, COM Newsgroups etc

Keep an eye on

Check out the MFC programs and utilities.
Check out this link

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Java COM integration

WTL Architecture by Richard Grimes

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