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WTL (Windows Template Library)

This is the WTL Zone.

Articles, links to other sites covering WTL etc are all welcome here. We will develop this area as more information is available. Anyone who wishes to join the mailing list should go to for the latest discussions.


An Introduction to WTL by Richard Grimes

WTL Architecture by Richard Grimes

How to use DDX with WTL by Girish Bharadwaj

WTL Documentation (updated May 15th 2000) and sample projects from Eamon O'Tuathail at

Known WTL Issues

Known Issues to April 2000 - more welcome, please mail to [email protected]?subject=WTL_Issues

Discussion & Comment

Read Eamon O'Tuathail's discussion on the future of WTL:


Go to the WTL Forums for bugs, chat, FAQ's and WTL resources.

WTL Websites

Check out these Internet sites with interesting WTL material:
Chris Sells - Windows Template Library (WTL 3.1) Quick Reference

(Thanks to Eamon O'Tuathail of for the links.)

Learn C#

WTL Introduction

Learn C#

WTL Architecture by Richard Grimes

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