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External Articles:

Easy-To-Maintain Navigation with XML by Paul Spencer

Combining XML and ASP makes for easy web site maintenance and design changes, by separating style from content. In the first of two articles, Paul Spencer introduces XML and looks at its uses for ASP supporting browsers.

Creating XML Recordsets by David Sussman

To coincide with the release of IE5.0, David Sussman looks at one noticeable flaw in all of its beta releases - the inability to write database fields into an XML-delimited Recordset - and produces a solution.

IE5 Behaviors 2: In Practice by Alex Homer

Alex takes a closer look at building custom behaviors and the default behaviors included with IE5.

Web Queries Using VB, Excel, XML, and ASP - Part I by Dan Wahlin

In this first of a two-part series, Dan Wahlin shows us how to capture web information using Visual Basic and Excel and then XML/XSL in combination with ASP to display the captured information in a desirable manner.

Extending Your Web Applications Interface using XML, XSL, Visual Basic, and ASP by James Britt

A great deal of db access occurs on the Web. James Britt shows how to develop a data management application that presents a flexible user interface, whilst still allowing external applications to "talk" with it

Web Queries Using VB, Excel, XML, and ASP - Part II by Dan Wahlin

In the second and concluding part of his article, Dan Wahlin focuses on retrieving data from a website and transferring it from Excel and into an XML file that can used to display it on your own web page

SQL Server XML data access with SQLXML.DLL: the Polymorphic Spreadsheet - Part I by Michael Corning

Michael shares his experiences of using XML with the technology preview of SQL Server 7.5 - SQLXML - demonstrating a 'polymorphic spreadsheet' that uses the new technology

Getting Configuration Information from an IE5 Client by Alex Homer

Here Alex exploits IE5's new default behaviors and determines the system, set up and installable components for use throughout the session

An Introduction to XML Document Structure by Alex Homer

Alex looks at how to build a well-formed and valid XML document, considering the various XML elements and rules of construction

XML Hierarchical Data Binding By David Sussman

It's common knowledge that you can bind an XML data source to an HTML table in IE5, but you may not know that you can bind hierarchical XML data into nested tables as well. David Sussman shows you how.

Dr GUI is Duwamished!

Streamline your website using XML by Chris Lovett

More about SOAP by Aaron Skonnard

Remote objects can give a program almost unlimited power over the Internet, but most firewalls block non-HTTP requests. SOAP, an XML-based protocol, gets around this limitation to provide intraprocess communication across machines.

Windows DNA Primer

Windows DNA is Microsoft's platform for building and deploying Web-based applications -- ranging from your e-commerce site to your intranet app. Windows DNA is a platform, in the sense that it identifies and provides all the products, tools, services, and the programming model that developers need to build a Web application.

WTL Introduction

Java COM integration

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WTL Introduction

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