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UPDATED Web Development in Visual Studio.NET with ASP.NET By Richard Anderson.

ASP COM Objects By Jan Verhoeven.
Creating ASP com objects, or Active Server Objects with Delphi 5 is very easy, once you know how to do it.

Hidden forms in ASP By Sudhakar M
This paper discusses how to use hidden forms to transfer data from client side to server-side and vice-versa.

ASP in a Nutshell : The Request Object By A. Keyton Weissinger
Chapter 6 of O'Reilly's: ASP in a Nutshell
Reproduced with kind permission of O'Reilly & Associates

Login page to your website using ASP By Sendhil Arunagiri.

Beginning ASP Components By Richard Anderson.
This article is taken from Chapter 1 of Wrox Press's Beginning ASP Components (Buy the book). The book will teach you how to create components for use with Active Server Pages. In this extract, we're going to convince you that you already know quite a bit about programming with components; we'll look at some typical scenarios in which components are used; and we'll begin to investigate the impact that component programming has on application design.

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