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The COM+ Development Series is pleased to announce a series of articles covering COM and the forthcoming addition of COM+. The series is comprehensive and features the following new articles:

Beginner Articles

The beginner articles are aimed at people just starting out with COM+. They will be short and to the point, with the target of getting the reader to use COM+ as soon as possible. The following is a rundown of forthcoming Beginner articles:

ByteSize Articles

ByteSize articles are designed to explain a feature in a brief overview. These articles will be fully featured as far as technological content, and give a competent COM/COM+ developer the information needed to feel confident to try out the technology. The initial range of ByteSize articles will cover the basic COM+ topics:

  • Transaction Support
  • Compensating Resource Managers
  • How to generate a COM+ event
  • How to generate a queued component
  • Object Pooling
  • Security
  • Queued Components
  • Loosely Coupled Event (LCE) / Publish/Subscribe Events

Advanced Articles

As suggested by the title, these articles are intended for the advanced reader. They will be no-holds barred articles covering COM+ in depth, and explain the advantages and consequences of using the technology.

  • COM Pipes
  • COM+ Queued Components
  • The Neutral Threading Model
  • MTS Components and COM+ Components
  • COM+ Event Filters
  • Using COM+ Transactions with OLE DB and ADO


The aim of this series is to outline new features in COM+ to give a competent developer an overview of what the technology offers. Articles will be on the following:

The series will appear soon. If you feel that you would like to write any of the articles contact us, we would love to hear from you.

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