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CAtlBitmapButton - ATL/WTL Ownerdraw Superclassed Bitmap Button By Amit Dey.
Amit describes building a simple user interface consisting of a series of bitmap buttons in a dialog.

ATL COM and ADO By Paddy Srinivas.
COM+ Events addresses many shortcomings of Connection points. Paddy Srinivas walks us through the COM+ Events System.

ATL COM and ADO By Amit Dey.
New author Amit Dey (he's looking for a job BTW ;-) ) explains his recent experiences with ATL COM and ADO. He simply explains the fundamentals of ADO and then runs through some ATL code examples in his application.

COM Singletons: A Dangerous Animal By Richard Blewett.
Richard Blewitt simply explains the use of COM Singletons.

ASP COM Objects By Jan Verhoeven.
Creating ASP com objects, or Active Server Objects with Delphi 5 is very easy, once you know how to do it.

SafeArrays - For the Beginner By A. Abdul Azeez.
This article is a primer to Safe Arrays and can be used by any beginner to Safe Arrays.

COM+ Basics - Creating your first COM+ Application By Martin Lapierre.

COM+ - the backbone of Windows DNA By Mahesh Bhide.

Exploring COM Threading and Apartments By Anthony Toivonen.
Anthony Toivonen wants you to figure it out for yourself: he guarantees success in threads and apartments after reading this article.

COM on Linux By Frank Rem.
A description of how to code a DCOM client for Linux without using Microsoft products.

ATL Server By Richard Grimes.
A description of ATL Server.

ATL Internals - Part 2 By Shivesh Viswanathan.
Following on from Shivesh's first article of this two part series, this article covers the details of the internals of ATL.

How to use DDX with WTL By Girish Bharadwaj.

COM Patterns By Tony Toivonen.

COM+ Object Pooling By Jeremiah Talkar.

What are COM Pipes? By Richard Grimes.

Java COM Integration - Use Visual J++ to implement COM Objects By Gopalan Suresh Raj.

Developing an MSMQ Server Application using VJ++ By Gopalan Suresh Raj.

Developing an MSMQ Client using VJ++ By Gopalan Suresh Raj.

What is Async COM? By Richard Grimes.

Coding a DCOM Server Component from IDL By Gopalan Suresh Raj.

Coding a DCOM Client By Gopalan Suresh Raj.

Threads and Apartments By Brad Wilson.
Brad's article gives detailed information about apartments and their relationship to threading and synchronization. The goal is to demystify what is a very important, yet under-documented system in COM.

WTL Architecture By Richard Grimes.
This article covers the basics of the WTL architecture, it describes the types of applications that you can create and how WTL manages threads. The example monitors the debug stream and uses WTL to present this data.

The MTS Series by Gopalan Suresh Raj:

Microsoft Transaction Server By Gopalan Suresh Raj.
Gopalans introductory article on Microsoft Transaction Server introduces the basics to MTS, and leads in to the example articles included in the series.

Developing a Simple MTS Server Component By Gopalan Suresh Raj.
Part 1 of a two part example.

Developing a Simple MTS Client Application By Gopalan Suresh Raj.
Part 2 of a two part example.

Developing The Bank Account IDL By Gopalan Suresh Raj.
A Three-Tier Architecture for a Bank Checking Account - Developing The Bank Account IDL is part 1 of a 3 part example.

MTS Server Component By Gopalan Suresh Raj.
A Three-Tier Architecture for a Bank Checking Account - MTS Server Component is the second part of this three part example.

MTS Client By Gopalan Suresh Raj.
A Three-Tier Architecture for a Bank Checking Account - MTS Server Component is the third part of this three part example.

Other Articles

Active Template Library: Architecture & Internals By Shivesh Viswanathan.
Active Template Library is basically a set of template classes provided by Microsoft for writing COM components. The time to write COM components can be considerably reduced if they are written using the ATL framework. The document here provides theory of what goes inside ATL to implement certain generic interfaces.

Microsoft Transaction Server By Richard Grimes.
Introduces Microsoft Transaction Server

What COM is all about By Richard Grimes.
An introductory article to COM, covering all basics including OLE, Activex and DLL's.

String Binding Moniker By Frank Rem.
This article shows how a SB Moniker resolves a connection with a DCE RP server running on Linux using a VB client.

We'd like to introduce IMoniker to our audience....... She's been a bit harsh on IDude recently and he can be seen drowning his sorrows in the Cartoons section

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WTL Architecture by Richard Grimes

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