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Professional ASP XML

Professional ASP XML written by Bill Kropog, Steven Hahn, Mark Baartse, et al/p>

Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP pages) and the Extensible Markup Language (XML) are two of the hottest Web technologies; but each, because it is a complex topic in its own right, usually is documented individually. "Professional ASP XML" ties the two together in an important way, and illustrates how to utilize them both to produce next-generation Web applications.

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Building XML Applications

Building XML Applications, written by Simon St. Laurent, Ethan Cerami

A step-by-step implementation guide for building XML applications in Java. The CD-ROM includes code from the book, applications for "The Weather Channel", Stock Portfolio Application, Human Resources Intranet Applications, Document Management, and Electronic Commerce.

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Building Corporate Portals With XML (Enterprising Computing)

Building Corporate Portals With XML, written by Clive Finklestein, Peter G. Aiken, John A. Zachman

Explains how to solve one of the most common and vexing business problems: "I know the data is there but I can't get the information I need!" Presents corporate portal technology from planning and modeling stages to implementation. Special emphasis on converting legacy system data to modern data warehouses. For business managers who will use corporate portals, as well as the information technology staff developing them.

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The XML Handbook - 2nd Edition

The XML Handbook, written by Paul Prescod, Charles F. Goldfarb

The definitive resource for the Brave New Web of smart structured data and electronic commerce Start by understanding what XML is, how it came to be, how it differs from HTML, and the handful of vital concepts that you must understand to apply XML quickly and successfully. Experience what it's like to use XML through illustrated walk-throughs of applications and XML tools -- including hot new Web servers for e-commerce, portals, content management, conversion, syndication, and presentation. Master the details of the XML language and related technologies from reader-friendly,in-depth presentations on XML, XSL, XSLT, XLink, XPath, schemas, namespaces, topic maps,and extended linking.

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Designing Xml Internet Applications

Designing Xml Internet Applications, written by Michael Leventhal, David Lewis, Matthew Fuchs

For readers with previous experience developing Internet applications using other tools, introduces XML, a new standard descended from SGML, as an alternative to HGML. Explains how to think about structured information within the system, how to apply that thinking to an intranet application design, and how to implement the applications. The CD-ROM contains the Java, C++, and Pearl source code needed, along with XML tools and the Java Development Kit.

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XML and Java: Developing Web Applications

XML and Java: Developing Web Applications, written by Hiroshi Maruyama, Kent Tamura, Naohiko Uramoto

This tutorial shows Web developers, programmers, and system engineers how to create XML business applications for the Internet using Java. Topics include document management and metacontent, databases, messaging, servlets, JDBC, security, and JavaBeans. A basic understanding of XML and experience writing simple Java programs is required. The CD-ROM contains cross-platform source code and trial versions of WebSphere, DB2, and VisualAge.

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Data on the Web : From Relations to Semistructured Data and Xml

Data on the Web : From Relations to Semistructured Data and Xml, written by Serge Abiteboul, Peter Buneman, Dan Suciu, Jim Gray

Aimed at readers already familiar with database concepts, the book includes little introductory material. It quickly lays out the concepts of self-describing semi-structured data and how XML fits into this approach to data representation. The discussion deals with XML as a data transfer mechanism and not a presentation language. While there is a quick explanation of DTDs, Xlink, and XPointer, readers should be fairly familiar with XML before approaching this advanced title.

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XML Pocket Reference

XML Pocket Reference, written by Robert Eckstein

At the front of the book, a crash course in XML quickly spells out the important terminology, along with extremely short examples of XML, Document Type Definition (DTD), and Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) documents. The book also includes a nice bulleted list of cautions and rules to follow if you want to create valid XML documents. A tip section entitled, "Unlearning Bad Habits" offers handy warnings that are especially useful for those of us who occasionally slip into sloppy HTML coding behaviors that XML won't tolerate.
The remainder of the title comprises reference sections devoted to XML, DTDs, XSL, XLink, and XPointer. These sections offer a balanced mix of both straight syntax references and brief general explanations of key topics. Short examples are in abundance to illustrate usage with accompanying explanatory text. The authors are very up-front about the changing nature of the XSL, XLink, and XPointer and point out that even their freshly published material on these subjects may soon be out of date.

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XML Applications

XML Applications, written by Frank Boumphrey, Olivia di Renzo, Jon Duckett, Joe Graf, Paul Houle, Trevor Jenkins, Peter Jones, Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Kathie Kingsley-Hughes, Craig McQueen, Stephen Mohr

Mastering XML is certainly difficult, but XML Applications provides all the background you'll need to get started. Early sections outline why XML is a better way to deliver Internet content. The authors look at available XML tools (including freeware utilities and the Internet Explorer 5 beta) and XML basics, such as Document Type Definitions (DSDs), cascading style sheets (CSS), and Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL). The authors also present real-world implementations of XML, including Microsoft's Channel Definition Format and the Chemical Markup Language (for chemists).
The book moves on to the nitty-gritty of building XML documents, including design considerations, conventions, and using custom tags. Information on XML and databases follows, and then the authors highlight important XML topics, such as namespaces, XLinks and XPointers (for linking content), and the XML document object model.

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XML IE5 Programmers Reference

XML IE5 Programmer's Reference, written by Alex Homer

Author Alex Homer gives clear examples of the use of XML and covers what features IE 5 supports. This introduction is followed by a chapter that defines the XML document structure and shows how all of the various components, such as DTDs (Document Type Definitions), XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language), XPL (Extensible Pointer Language), and XLL (Extensible Linking Language) all fit together.
Next the author presents the details of how DTDs and XML schemas can be used to frame the data your XML documents will work with. He also provides good coverage of the Xlink and Xpointer languages for connecting XML documents and the information they access. The book explains the XML Document Object Model (DOM) with plenty of short code snippets to illustrate syntax. Appendices offer reference to the IE 5 DOM, XML constructs, and cascading style sheet properties. This title is great for learning XML, but it will serve you just as well down the road as a handy reference.

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Designing Distributed Applications With Xml : Asp Ie5 Ldap and Msmq

Designing Distributed Applications With Xml, written by Stephen F. Mohr

Designing Distributed Applications is all about creating Cooperative Network Applications. Their aim is to promote the re-use of Intranet and Internet applications and maintain the viability of applications in the face of change.

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Professional XML

Professional XML, written by Mark Birbeck (Editor), Michael Kay, Stephen F. Mohr, Didier Martin, Dino Esposito, Steven Livingston, Brian Loesgen, Nikola Ozu, Mark Seabourne, Peter Stark

This book is the definitive, practical guide to what's in XML and the DOM. The book is applicable to all development languages including Java developers applying XML to new APIs. It is a full breakdown of the parser & XML toolsets available for commercial development.

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Simply Scheme : Introducing Computer Science

Simply Scheme : Introducing Computer Science written by Brian Harvey, Matthew Wright

For anyone learning the Scheme programming language, the second edition of "Simply Scheme: Introducing Computer Science" provides a very digestible textbook-style introductory tutorial to this powerful and elegant language. In the words of the authors, "Simply Scheme" is designed to be a prequel to another book, "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs." This latter title has been a staple of introductory computer science courses for years, but it assumes a certain background.

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Inside XML DTDs: Scientific and Technical

Inside XML DTDs: Scientific and Technical written by Simon St. Laurent, Simon St Laurent, Robert J. Biggar

The authors explain the basic concepts of XML data encapsulation and illustrate many of the existing XML metadata formats already available. Readers will learn how to model molecules with CML, write equations with MathML, document genes with BioML, and much more. This book is a targeted XML work especially beneficial to those interested in either using these established XML applications or creating their own for a particular field.

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XML Bible

XML Bible written by Elliotte Rusty Harold

The "XML Bible" offers a superb introduction to the subject and the groundwork for understanding XML's future developments. Author Elliotte Rusty Harold uses a patient, step-by-step discussion that clearly points out the potential of XML without boring his readership with tons of SGML spec-speak. He opens quickly with a "Hello World" example to get the reader coding early, and follows that with a simple but powerful example of XML's data management benefits, which presents baseball statistics.

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