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Running your first Web Services in 15 minutes - a tutorial for setting up your first web service

Professional VB6 XML - Chapter 4 from the book by Wrox Press: Using XML Queries and Transformations

XSLT Programmers Reference - Chapter 1 from the book by Wrox Press: XSLT in Context

Professional XML - Chapter 6 of the book from Wrox Press, SAX 1.0: The Simple API for XML

Coding a DCOM Server Component from IDL By Richard Anderson.

A recent submission to the dev-xml list has suggested an article dealing with legacy data, such as Word docs, or RTF, and any ways to automate conversion to XML, rather than manually tagging up every document by hand.

Another request for an article was for DOM Level 2. The submitter suggested: Some examples in Java or C using the parser would be a nice variety to MSXML.

Any contributor wishing to put fingers to keys to submit articles on the above is most welcome. You may submit any contributions to [email protected].

Contributions on XML or any other channels are welcome. Please email us at [email protected] or visit our contributions guide.

We'd like to introduce IMoniker to our audience....... She's been a bit harsh on IDude recently and he can be seen drowning his sorrows in the Cartoons section

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Java COM integration

WTL Introduction

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